Full product lifecycle support.

Be at ease with support from Bear Brand Designs. From initial concept design to fabrication drawings and documentation to data management, BBD can help improve your mechanical design needs.

3D Modeling Service​​

CAD Model - Wire.jpg
  • Create 3D models from 2D sketches and drawings. 

  • Reverse engineer components.

  • Sheet metal designs with quick access flat pattern.

  • Lifelike rendering of components for advertisement.

  • Managing large (1000+ part) and complex assemblies.

  • Creating exploded views for manuals.

  • Bill of Material setup and management.

Mechanical Drafting Service

Drafting - Sheet Views.jpg
  • Document designs that meet ASME Y14 standards.

  • Detail and assembly drawings for basic fabrication and maintenance of design.

  • Procurement, Vender Item, and Source Control drawings for components that require more design controls.

  • Personalized title blocks to reflect your business.

  • Drawings available in Imperial (in) and metric (mm).

Project Data Management Service

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  • Have access to models and drawings 24/7 via web browser or phone app.

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest design changes and avoid costly delays.

  • Communicate changes directly and maintain a record of the project history.

  • Invite and give access to additional team members or manufacturers quickly and effortlessly.

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